Type Variants

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Base model, rather slimmed down version of the „Confort“ type, built after 09/63.


Version built since 04/61, has a higher quality and more sturdy seat cover as well as an reinforced backrest upholstery.


The Ami6 has been built not only in Rennes (F) but also in the Forest (BE) production lines, typically for the BeNeLux markets. This slimmed down model has a few typical identifiers: No bumper frame tube (above the front bumper), the front reflector frames are painted in car color (no inox rings), rather slimmed down interior (eg. no arm rests on the front doors, more simple upholstery on the seats and tissues are identical to the Belgium 2CV production.

break 4-seat, after 09/64

Tyres 125-380X, back seats are - similar to the front seats - enhanced by a tubular construction between the seats: feels like there are 2 individual seats in the back.

break 5-seat, after 09/64

Tyres 135-380X, back seats continuously made (no middle tube mounting for enhancement), optionally stowable.

break commerciale, after 09/64

like the break 5-seat, but enhanced payload of 300 kgs excl. driver. The trunk compartment got a detachable cover panel, allowing an easier cargo handling. Optionally: separate front seats, allowing to remove both back seats and co-driver seat for additional storage space.

Club, after 09/68

externally visible changes: round double front beam reflectors instead of the squared single beam reflectors, chrome-framed trims on doors and back wings, white sidewall tyres, chrome trims at the front windscreen, back screen and rear side windows, modern rectangular 2CV rear lights. On the front seats, the back rests can be adjusted.

break service tolée, after 09/67

rear side windows are replaced by metal sheets, the car becomes a 3-door variant.

break service vitrée, after 01/69

same as the normal break, rear side windows remain, but 3-door variant only.

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