Ami6 Registration Germany / international Ami6 Register

The Ami6 is quite some endangered species on this planet. Knowledge about this beauty rather is rare, and spare parts or events around the Ami6 is a very warm welcome source of information. On top, of course there is an interest to find out which cars do exist nowadays since the governmental registers can not provide that kind of information. That is the reason behind the intention to creat the Ami6 Car Register you do see over here.

Even though there is no interactive feature yet available on this pages, there is some possibility to register your car by simply filling in the below mentioned data and submit it by email. The aggregated information will not be abused for spam or any other non-context-related means. In case you do provide an email address, from time to time there may be sent Ami6-relevant information to you, that's all. Maybe we can gather for some meeting somewhere?

Here is what would be nice to receive from you:



Ami6 Type (Limousine / Break / Familiale / Commerciale etc.):

Year / Month of when the car was built:

VIN / Chassis No.:


Number plate:

Current condition / restored (how much) / original:

any special features you want to share:

maybe you got one or more photos (of the Ami6) ;-)

is it permitted to publish the submitted photo(s) on this website (with reference to you) Y/N?

Please send this info via email to „info (at) ami6 dot de“. All details given are voluntarily by you. Any effort will be made not to spread this information to third parties or to abuse it in any way.

Thank you very much!

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