Clubs and other non-profit support for the Ami6

Ami Vereniging Nederland - certainly the #1 address to mention in non-French Europe is the Amivereniging Nederland (NL) - being a member in this club is strongly recommended to get access to their spare part and extensive stock. Ami6 owners are warm welcome and there are several English speaking active members who can help Ami6-enthusiasts solving their problems.

Ami Club de France - since 1992 the most important address for the Ami6 within France.

Citroën-Freunde Hamminkeln - actually organized as an interest group within the German Citroën-Club Rhein-Ruhr e.V., our friends support inquiring Ami6 owners and have been organizing several events for the Ami. :-)

Citroën-Club Rhein-Ruhr e.V. - Germany's central club association of all 2CV clubs is this non-profit organization.

Citroënchen - the German spoken magazine for all owners and friends of the 2CV and its derivatives.

Andre Citroën-Club - the #1 internet forum for all Citroen enthusiasts within the German spoken countries, and holds additionally a market for sales and wants around 2CV and Ami6.

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